Super Screen Recorder


Record videos of your desktop actions


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Super Screen Recorder is the easy and simple application that you've been looking for to record that process that you need to record or send to your friend so they know exactly what they have to do instead of taking hours trying to explain it.

That can be the most useful feature of the Super Screen recorder; the fact that one can record an .avi file of all the activity one has to show on the desktop, which is a great help when we need to create a mini-tutorial for someone.

In addition, we can find multiple uses for this; for example, recording a system error, recording a video conference, etc.

You select the quality and the area of the screen that you want to record, from full screen to a small selection, including the active window.

And, not only live images, but you can also add sound that you want to record, either from the computer or via a connected microphone and add your own sound creations.

7-day trial version.

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